Warning:  This blog will cover literary and cultural topics that mostly appeal to me, and also to me.  If you are reading this, you probably need to get out more; if that idea does not appeal to you, and you would rather join me in hiding in a cardboard box in the attic, then you may be in the right place after all.  I see this blog as an opportunity to practice my writing skills, clarify the cultural influences that informed my development as a (somewhat) social being, and get some writing published.  My interests are wide-ranging, but I will try to stick to fiction/history/art, etc.  My reading tastes run the gamut from comics, graphic novels, history, science, science-fiction, speculative fiction, horror fiction, satire and yes, regular old fiction.  As for personal information, I am a frustrated artist, I am deeply weird, and I live with my long-suffering wife and two cats, in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I have a fondness for sock-puppets, western film soundtracks and Hawaiian shirts.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Ha ha. I used to work in a cube farm, that is to say, I had my own office cubicle. Now we’ve gone to the “open concept.” But I have been known to give sock-puppet shows to neighboring colleagues over the top of my office partition! I also have a long-suffering wife, though happily, I put our dreadful dog (seriously: special needs, behaviourally challenged since birth) down last year.


    • Yes, I used to have lots of fun with sock puppets as a kid – I should try out the cube-puppet show sometime – maybe Punch and Judy. Our awful dog is very old, blind and confused now. Much easier to avoid the fangs. After her (Her Herness) we will remain pet-free for a while.


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