Spontaneous iPad Drawings

Here is a selection of several drawings I made back in 2010 and 2011. I started each one by simply starting a drawing spontaneously, without a goal in mind. I would let the drawing become whatever seemed appropriate. The drawings were done in the Zen Brush app, then imported into the ArtStudio app, where I added color. My intent is to write very short stories based on some of them. Enjoy!

What Now_web_watermarkSerious Dude_web_watermarkRun Monster_web_watermarkRegarding the Moai_web_watermarkPonzo_web_watermarkPink Slip_web_watermarkPensive_web_watermarkPatriot_web_watermarkMinister_web_watermark

Inexplicable Fool_web_watermarkHowdy2_web_watermarkHowdy1_web_watermarkFolded_web_watermarkDuckboy_web_watermarkCrowd_web_watermarkCrazybird_web_watermarkBlue Buddha_web_watermarkUntitled3_web_watermarkUntitled2_web_watermarkUntitled1_web_watermarkRedheaded_web_watermarkRed Face_web_watermarkMother Goddess_web_watermarkHowdy3_web_watermarkBillybully_web_watermarkBeetlesgarden_web_watermark



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